Easy Ways to Reduce Water Usage At Home

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The average American uses around 82 gallons of water per day. That means a family of 4 will use roughly 120,000 gallons of water in just one year!

We’re based in Pennsylvania, a state rich in sources of clean drinking water. But just because our resources might seem plentiful, does not mean our water usage here doesn’t have an impact on the climate or the nation’s water supply. It can be easy as a Pennsylvania resident—or that of any water-rich state—to overlook the importance of reducing water usage.

Using water at home diverts it from the local rivers, bays, and other sources that are crucial to the environment. By preserving water, you’re preserving your local ecosystem as well. While it might seem that water is plentiful on the earth, we have a finite amount of water and a growing population. So conserving water now is crucial to growing happy & healthy communities.

Your family will also experience the more immediate benefit of reduced utility bills. A lower water bill means larger savings.

Water conservation is a job every human on earth can consider their own. So how can you get started?

Turn Off The Faucet At Every Opportunity

Reducing water waste is all about being mindful of your daily usage. When brushing your teeth, don’t leave the water running the entire time. When you’re doing dishes, it’s easy to make a habit of leaving the water running while scrubbing. But it’s these small amounts of waste that add up to something much larger. Try to make a habit of turning off the water in between rinses.

Take Care of Plumbing Repairs ASAP

You can also save water by fixing leaks promptly. While it might not seem like much, a faucet that drips once every second will waste around 5 gallons of water per day. Not only is ignoring plumbing repairs wasting water, but it’s certainly increasing your utility bills as well. Take care of leaky faucets as quickly as possible to reduce waste.

Water Your Plants With Rainwater

Another way to reduce waste is to water your plants with rainwater. Not only does watering your plants with rainwater provide conservational benefits, but it strengthens your plants as well. Rain is not full of fluoride and salt, like your tap water might be. For a more complex and effective system, you could have your gutter spouts routing to a rain barrel. Alternatively, simply setting an open bucket in an ideal spot before the rain will do the trick.

Reduce Your Expenses With Kind Insurance

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