Rudra Dangal

Meet the people behind The Kind Insurance.

Meet Rudra Dangal!

Rudra is our motivated and upbeat licensed property and casualty insurance agent. Just one
year after joining The Kind Insurance in 2015, he became our agency’s #1 producer agent.
Today, Rudra’s clients can’t get enough of him. He always welcomes his clients to talk to him
both inside and outside of office hours and has built a solid foundation of loyal clients through
his approachable demeanor and in-depth knowledge of the products he sells.

Always striving to find the best coverage, Rudra’s goal is to build long-term relationships based
on loyalty and kindness. Rudra has said that he loves explaining things to people and making
insurance make sense. Being fluent in 3 languages, Rudra’s in-depth explanations extend even
beyond English. Want a conversation in Hindi or Nepali? No problem—Rudra makes knowing
three languages a breeze.

Rudra was born in Bhutan, but his family fled to Nepal when he was a baby to escape Bhutan’s
rising political instability. While in Nepal, Rudra lived in a bamboo hut in a refugee camp for 18
years. After he moved to the US in 2008, Rudra worked many different jobs to support his
family. Today, Rudra volunteers his time as the treasurer for the non-profit Bhutanese
Community in Harrisburg to help people who may have experienced the rollercoaster of a past
he did. Rudra loves spending time with his kids, playing volleyball, and going to the park.

  • Speaks Hindi
  • Speaks Nepali
  • Speaks English
  • Top producer for nationwide
  •  Married and lives with his wife and 2 kids, a boy and a girl

Originally from Nepal.
Came to the US in 2008

High school in the US

7 years (only insurance company Rudra has worked with)

Associate Agent. Licensed Producer

  • Customer service
  • Talk to people
  • Selling policies
  • Servicing people and taking care of clients’ problems

Licensed in property and casualty
Home, auto, business, and life

 #1 producer agent in the company
 Top producer agent of 2018 (Rudra vs Marvedo have been in a top-agent-rivalry since then)

  • Sales are in his blood (customer service)
  • Loves explaining coverages and explaining insurance
  • Assist more people from different communities who don’t know about insurance
  • Insurance is complex and he loves helping people understand it
  • Loves providing service (“feels great to explain things to people”)
  • Even if they don’t get insurance through Rudra, he loves helping people heads ups and

“Andy is missing important factors” – Rudra

  •  Make awards for each month and/or each year
  • Group lunch for awards to uplift agents and producers (This will motivate agents to increase sales)
  • Rudra loves how Andy deals with people. Everyone is friends with each other. Andy is
    very flexible.
  • Rudra thinks Andy should do more team leading.
  • Maybe pay $20-$30 for an award or trophy, and people can put it up in their homes.
    Seeing the award every day connects you more with the company.
  •  Improvement in communication:
  • Do more official communications through emails (more official)
  • The group chat is good but emails make work feel more formal
  • Bring kindness to people (cannot be disloyal to your clients)
  • Being honest with clients
  • Be loyal
  • Be kind
  • Help the community (donate to the community)
  • 5-year goals
  • Keep working with Andy
  • Wants to start his own business (agency) because he has a lot of clients, But he loves these people here at The Kind Insurance.
  • 10-year goals
  • Maybe start his own agency after 10 years (not sure)
  • Focus on what you’re doing currently
  • Stay focussed
  • Be humble
  • Be loyal
  • Be who you are. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Work hard, work smart
  • Practice every day.
  • Tells his newly graduated brother (only college graduate in the family) all this
  • Stick with your decision. Don’t get swayed by others. Success will come to you.
  • Stay with kids (loves his kids)
  • Play volleyball
  • Go to the park
  •  Be with family
  • Licensed real estate agent
  • Sold 20 houses in the last 2 years
  • Applied online to get certified
  • Got a pre-licensing certificate
  • Went to class and studied
  • Passed exam in 2019 during covid (took the test at home)
  • Born in Tibet, Butan – flew to Nepal at one and a half because of political issues
  • Lived in a small refugee camp for 18 years
  • Houses were all made of bamboo
  • Came to the US in 2008
  • Worked in many places (food industry, warehouse, many many customer
    service-based companies)

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