Azirah Yi

Meet the people behind The Kind Insurance.

Meet Azirah Yi!

Azirah is our manager who handles wrangling up the team, marketing, client relations,
operational management, and pretty much all things agency-related. She’s unofficially our
“Happy Manager” too as she greets every client with a charming smile and easy-going attitude.
After graduating from Cal State University with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design Communications,

Azirah was the art director for a trucking magazine as well as a cosmetics company until she
started working in the insurance industry in 2012. Having lived on both the east coast and the
west coast, Azirah has had quite the experience interacting with all diversities of people. Not to mention, Azirah can speak four languages! English, Vietnamese, Cham, and Spanish.

Outside of work, Azirah lives with her husband and their three kids. She loves doing charitable
work with The Kind Insurance and hopes to lead the agency in spreading more kindness in the
community through philanthropy. In her spare time, Azirah loves cooking, going on family
vacations, doing art, visiting museums, and doing Arabic calligraphy.

  •  Family of 3 Kids
  •  Asian
  •  Speaks Vietnamese
  • Speaks ok Spanish (backup for Rose)
  • Speaks English
  •  Speaks Cham

Cal State University of Willerton Bachelors in Graphic Design Communications

Worked in the insurance industry for 5 years before 2017.

Since 2017 – came onboard to manage other offices

Commercial and Personal Lines Agent

  • Take care of clients
  • Find best insurance for clients (personalized)
  •  Advise clients to find industry standard best insurance (20+ different companies that Kind Insurance sells from).
  • Help clients shop around and find perfect thing
  •  Be Reachable and Approachable (make sure clients can text or call any time).
  • Charity (Azirah thinks The Kind Insurance should do better to keep a record of its
    charitable work)
  • Donations to water wells internationally
  • Local food banks (homeless population)
  •  Clients are always happy to save money in reviews (make it easy to understand)
  •  The company is very progressive (uses technology well)
  •  Facebook
  • Social media
  • Texting to get in contact with agents
  • More charity (map out long term goals for the year)
  • Help out the community even more
  •  Have the Kind Insurance’s name be more well known (make The Kind Insurance known
    for being a specialized agency – having so many agents with different backgrounds)
  • To not be just a “phone call”, so clients can actually know their agents
  • To make insurance easy for clients (not customers)
  • Take care of clients from start to finish
  • To grow book of business by retaining clients
  • To be more active in the community
  • To be seen in the community
  •  5-year goals
  •  Grow book of business as the number of clients grows (only worked as an agent for the last 2 years, and Azirah really enjoyed it)
  • 10-year goals
  • Retired 🙂
  • Not doing insurance anymore.
  • Sell the company and get a share
  • Do what you love first
  • If you’re willing to learn new things, it’s never too late to pick up a new skill set
  •  You have to want to grow
  • Nurture your talents. Without hard work, it doesn’t amount to anything
  •  Cooking (anything Asian cuisine: Thai, seafood, traditional cham food)
  • Traveling (family vacations)
  • Family life
  •  Art
  •  Museums
  • Arabic Calligraphy 
  • Cham people the equivalent of the American Indians of Vietnam
  • Cham people don’t have any distinct features
  •  Can read Arabic but don’t understand it
  •  Borderline OCD
  •  Azirah is a people person
  • Clients know that she’s very approachable.
  •  Clients trust her
  • Azirah used to live in California, Seattle, Oregon, San Francisco, LA,
  •  Moved for a change of scenery (her brothers live in PA, so she moved here)
  •  Azirah was an art director for a trucking magazine and cosmetics company
Team Azirah

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