Amie-Jo Harris

Meet the people behind The Kind Insurance.

Meet Amie-Jo Harris!

Amie is our customer service representative that helps clients receive the best service and care.Her professional background before joining the agency was largely in pharmaceuticals, so Amie chose the insurance industry as it allowed her to continue her passion for helping others.Outside of handling client needs, questions, and concerns, Amie also manages accounts, assigns tasks, and basically keeps the whole agency running.

Amie understands that oftentimes, insurance can be tough, so she loves helping people find a
sense of security and relief when they’re struggling. Listening to clients’ stories, Amie often feels that she shares a part of their life with them. Her sympathy and compassion have made her a favorite, and clients know that Amie will always be there to lend a helping hand.

Outside of work, Amie’s love of helping people continues through community service where sheruns a peer support group for mental health and speaks out on the struggles of neurodiverse relationships and autism awareness. In her spare time, Amie loves to do massage therapy and work on pottery in the studio.

German/dutch/and irish

Graduate of Indian valley high school, central pa school of Massage, alliance theological seminary
 Major: Massage therapy and Theology

I run the Lewistown office, handle customer needs, questions, and concerns, client advocate, manage E and O”s, assign tasks, and manage accounts.

  • Highlights of working here are a family-like, relaxed, and friendly environment. and all the relationships with the clients. I love helping people. I love that it leaves room for community service, family, and hobbies. when clients are faced with tragic accidents or lost their homes in a fire or weather disaster, being the voice of comfort on the line with them. I love helping people find that peace, security, and comfort. they tell me their life stories and I share a part of that with them. Since working here, I feel more confidence, less anxiety, and real gratitude in life. I support the vision that andy has and what he sees this company stands for! I want to share in his dream. I love that we can grow as much as we want with this company. I love that life is ever-changing and we focus on the whole picture and not just narrowed visions. we support each other in our careers and our passions in our personal lives. I feel that really flows out into our care, and kindness for our customers. I believe we represent what the world really needs right now. I hope for a lot more of that in the future!

I know the company’s mission is to focus on people, but what’s your personal mission?

Life is a journey, not a race. so I see myself where ever the journey takes me. I live in the present moment and take in all life has in store for me. I’m excited to see what that looks like myself in 5-10 years.

 Do what you love! what brings you joy, and happiness. do the work that it takes to figure out what that is exactly. create the dream you see for yourself. when you can do that, work doesn’t feel like just a job you have to go to. it feels like a part of you. stay fluid enough to change things as they seem fitting. when it’s the right fit, you will know.

Some of my hobbies and community services are Massage therapy, working on pottery in the studio, and running a peer support group for Mental Health. Also, I speak on the struggles of neurodiverse relationships and autism awareness.


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